Mopeds Vs. Scooters

The majority of people who own electric mopeds choose them for their gas mileage, affordability and convenience. It is no wonder that college students who live close to campus will be seen driving these all over the place. It gives them transportation for a lower price then what a car would cost them. People who are deciding whether or not they want a moped also consider a similar option – the scooter.

Scooters are very similar to mopeds – but they are still different. In order to make the decision of which one would be best for you to own you need to know the difference between the two. We will compare the most basic and essential facts between the two models.


The main thing that separates these two vehicles apart is the size of their engines and how much power they produce. Electric mopeds are usually designed with engines that are under 50cc of power – while the scooter is designed with engines that are over 50cc of power.

The top speed for mopeds is usually between 18-47 mph and scooters are slightly higher. While it is possible most people will not take their mopeds on their highway due to its slow speeds. Scooters may not be as powerful as motorcycles – but their high speeds allow them to be taken on highways.

Body Style

Scooters and mopeds both look very similar to each other – which makes it hard to tell them apart but it is possible. Many people will call scooters a motorcycle because they have more bulk to them and are very close in size. Mopeds are smaller and look more like motorized bicycles more then anything else. They have less bulk to them and some are even built with pedals.

Laws And Restrictions

Both share many of the same laws and restrictions that drivers must abide by. These restrictions insist that they wear the proper safety gear and follow the speed limits set up for them. Those looking to own electric mopeds will have an easier time at it. Because they cannot reach high speeds it is easy for younger people to get one. Scooters will require a motorcycle license and you usually have to be at least 16 years old to own one.