Essential Moped Accessories

When you own an electric moped you will want to make sure that you have all of the required and necessary accessories that help to not only complete the look of your new vehicle – but also to keep you and others on the road safe. These accessories come in different prices and can usually be found on eBay or any type of moped or scooter store.

Reflective Wheel Kits

These kits are important to have because they help to reflect the light of your moped while driving it at night. This makes it easy for people to see you during the dark or even day time hours. When you are driving in something this small it can be easy for people to overlook you. But with these reflectors they will be able to spot you easily and with no problems. They are easy to install and will fit perfectly on the wheels.

Electric Moped Cover

If you own a convertible you are not going to leave the top down while it is raining are you? Of course not because this could ruin the interior. The same goes with your moped. Unfortunately there is no convenient button that lets down the top – but you can always purchase a moped cover.

You can find something that is heavy weight and built with a moisture guard venting system to avoid any condensation. Also choose something that can be secured at the bottom so that they wind does not blow it off and that will not scratch the windows or any part of your moped. Most can be stored easily when you are driving.

Moped Ramps

When the time comes for you to move to a new town you want to be able to take your trusty moped with you. The best way to secure it and keep it safe during the move is to purchase a moped ramp and carrier. The ramp will secure onto the back of your car and will have an anti tilt locking device. It is also built with a holding shaft and retractable tie down bars.

Moped Battery Chargers

In order to keep using your electric moped you have to be able to keep it charged and in working order. Most models you purchase new will usually come available with a charger. If not you will be able to purchase one easily from any moped store on possible on eBay for a more affordable price.